Fresh vs faux flower arrangements! Finding it hard to choose what will suit your event best?

When planning your desired and memorable event, it is best to establish an ideal budget that suits your financial situation first. This ultimately will allow our team to provide you with the best option to suit. 

Nowadays, faux and silk flowers have come along way and if arranged correctly can ultimately give a very realistic appearance. Faux and silk flower arrangements can be beneficial if you're wanting a seasonal flower, such as hydrangeas. These delicate flowers are only in season for half of the year and when they are in season, it can be difficult to purchased the desired colour. Opting for a faux flower arrangement can definitely be more cost effective, this does depend on the amount required and flowers of choice but in comparison to a fresh arrangement; they're generally a less expensive option. 

The use of fresh flowers provides a luxe and delicate appearance to an event, fresh flowers also provide a beautiful scent which can make your special day even more memorable for you and your guests. A client that does opt for fresh flower arrangements must have a realistic budget, unfortunately fresh flowers; depending on the choice, can be expensive. The use of fresh flowers does include a lot more preparation time such as dethroning roses and reflexing petals, all before creating the arrangements. 

Therefore with these details in mind, if you are wanting a flower arrangement for your next event, please advise our team of a budget that you would like to stick with for your event as this will greatly assist the White Luxe Hire team on the best option to suit you. Also, be sure to include details such as style, size, desired flowers, colours and the amount of arrangements required so our team can provide you with a more accurate quote.